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Lenolafilmfestival 2004: the short films selected
Inserito il 09 maggio 2004 alle 14:45:10 da Admin.

Lenolafilmfestival 2004

The short films selected for the “Lenolafilmfestival Inventa un Film” are:
I cortometraggi selezionati per il concorso Inventa un Film destinato agli autori stranieri sono:

3E Sous – Sol (Olivier Girard – France -)
Berlin Backstage (Stephanie Chuat – Germany - )
Boy meets girls (Wolfgang Eibler – Germany - )
Bread (Grzegorz Skurski – Poland -)
Call it love (Mira Gittner – Germany )
Duty (Jochen Freydank – Germany - )
Einspruch III (Rolando Colla)
El pintor (Naikari Diaz Miguel)
Green Oaks (Ruxandra Zenide – Switzerland - )
Halfway 2 the moon (Reto Bieri – Switzerland - )
Il sacrificio (Emanuela Andreoli – Switzerland )
Lili (Eva Marel Jura – Germany - )
Linie X (Christoph Busche – Germany -)
No lucky hand – no chocolate (Susanna Hubscher – Switzerland)
Revolucion (Martin Rosete – Spain -)
Roadkill (Jeroen Annokkeè – The Netherlands)
The man without a head ( Juan Solanas – France)
The trip (Toni Bestard – Spain)
Uzes quintet (Catherine Maximoff – France - )
V (Don Schubert – Germany - )
Waserfarbe (Ralph Etter – Switzerland - )


Olivier Girard (France)

After a year of silence, Sophie re appears in Alexis’life. The rendez – vous is fixed at midnight on the 3rd floor of an underground parking

Director: Olivier Girard; Screenplay: Olivier Girard; Music by: Alexis Trembley; Editor: Jesus Rodriguez; Cast: Sophie Bernhard; Producer: Thierry Bourdeille; Length: 11’; Biofilmography: 2003: 3e Sous – sol (short film)

Stephanie Chuat (Germany)

A homeless man lives in the streets of Berlin. As he ambles through the city, he finds himself by case in front of the prestigious Philarmonic Concert Hall...

Director: Stephanie Chuat; Music by: Christoph Fellay; Photo: Matthias Grunskj; Editor: Nina Caspers; Cast: Axel Prahl, Monicca Budde, Johannes Brandrup; Length: 18’30’’; Biofilmography: Stephanie Chuat and Veronique raymond work as well personally as actresses in different shows and movies

Wolfgang Eibler (Germany)

Tom dates Ara. But Ara cheats on him. So Tom decides to live on his own for a while. Go through life, throug Berlin on his own. Still, Tom feels lonely...

Director: Wolfgang Eibler; Screenplay: Wolfgang Eibler; Music by: Oliver Benn, Jasper Bieger; Editor: Oliver Walz, Reni Kleniow; Cast: Florian Panzner, Ivonne Schonherr, Viktoria Deutschmann, Katja Rosin; Producer: Dietmar Nenever; Length: 15’; Biofilmography: Sexualitat und Kriminalitat: Festivals: Helsinki, Oldenburg, Future Film Festival Bologna; boy meets girls: Festivals: International Filmtage Hof, Emden, Solothurn, Potsdam, Landshut, etc.

Grzegorz Skurski (Poland)

... The train stops... The train sets off...

Director: Grzegorz Skurski; Screenplay: Grzegorz Skurski, Henryk Jantos; Music by: Przemek Jaworski; Photo: Zdzislaw Najda; Editor: Marek Dabrowski; Producer: Andrzej Stempowski; Length: 10’

Mira Gittner (Germany)

Call it love explores an older man’s obsession in finding love

Director: Mira Gittner; Screenplay: Roland Reber, Marina Anna Eich; Music by: Wolfgang Edelmayer; Editor: Mira Gittner; Cast: Marina Anna Eich, Roland Reber; Producer: WTP International; Length: 13’; Biofilmography: The room: Best Female Actor Award Melbourne Underground Film Fest., Australien; Pentamagica: Special Award for Montage in Feauture Films 2003 International Panorama of Independent Filmmakers, Thessaloniki, Grieece; Call it love: Special Mention by the Jury Alternative International Film Festival, Picciano, Italy

Jochen Alexander Freydank (Germany)

Berlin 2012: Reality or fiction?

Director: Jochen Alexander Freydank; Screenplay: Jochen Alexander Freydank; Music by: Ingo Ludwig Frenzel; Photo: Patrick Popow; Editor: Silke Dunkhorst; Cast: Armin Zarbock, Jurgen Trott; Producer: Jochen Alexander Freyfank; Length: 12’; Biofilmography: Duty: Special Jury Award, Filtage Russelsheim

Rolando Colla (Switzerland)

An algerian with a prosthetic leg is caught by the police while trying to cross the border into Switzerland with a group of refugees and sent back to Germany “unaccompanied”

Director: Rolando Colla; Screenplay: Rolando Colla; Music by: Bernd Schurer; Photo: Peter Indergand; Editor: Rainer M. Trinkler; Cast: Margot Marguerite, Sara Capretti, Andreas Loffel, Markus Amrein; Producer: Elena Pedrazzoli; Length: 9’; Biofilmography: 1994: Jagdzeit; 1999: Le monde à l’enverse; 2000: Einspruch; 2001: Einspruch II; 2002: Oltre il confine; 2003: Einspruch III, 2004: L’altra meta

Naikari Diaz Miguel (Spain)

El pintor ve la vida a traves de su mente enferma. Una mujer, Andrea, cree encontrar en el la posibildad de una aventura diferente

Director: Naikari Diaz Miguel; Screenplay: Naikari Diaz Miguel; Music by: Luis Cano; Photo: Jeronimo Molero; Editor: Dimas Ortiz; Cast: Josè Luis Serrano, Rosa Vivas, Fele Martinez, Maximo Esteban; Producer: Grupo Zena; Length: 9’40’’.

Ruxandra Zenide (Switzerland)

George looks after his little sister in a remote part of Romania. They’re all alone in the world. And even if fate over – tekes them, life will ressert its claims

Director: Ruxandra Zenide; Screenplay: Mark Epstein; Music by: Antoine Auberson; Photo: Martin Matiasek; Editor: Jeannetta Ionesco; Cast: George Hoffmann, Maria Dinulescu, Valentin Popescu, Julieta Strimbeanu, Dorotea Brandin, Roberto Molo; Length: 30’; Biofilmography: Awards “Green Oaks”: Kodak – Cinema Tout Ecran 2003, Best Film & Best Camera Famu Fest 2003 (president of the jury, Michael Hausmann)

Reto Bieri (Switzerland)

Before our eyes, the horizon, a live that moves away withevery stepwe take fowards it, butif you really wish to reach it, and have the means to do so...

Director: Reto Bieri; Screenplay: Reto Bieri; Music by: Olivia Block; Photo: Caroline Raemi; Editor: Reto Bieri; Cast: Melha Mammaeri, Danilo Petriccione; Producer: Ecole Superieure de Beaux – Arts de Geneve; Length: 14’; Biofilmography: Reto verso (1999), Reminiscences (2000), Halfway 2 the moon (2003)

Emanuela Andreoli (Switzerland)

On the night of 26 april 1986 and during the months which followed, one million men – called liquidators – were thrown into action under terriflyngli radioactive conditions in order to cover the fiery nuclear reactor at Chernobyl with an improvised sarcophagus and to eradicate the consequences of the catastrophe throughout the territories

Director: Emanuela Andreoli, Wladimir Tchertkoff; Music by: Romano Cavazzoni; Photo: Romano Cavazzoni; Editor: Emanuela Andreoli; Producer: Feldat Film; Length: 24’51’’; Biofilmography: 2003: Il sacrificio

Eva Marel Jura (Germany)

Lili and Julian a young loving couple arranging their new flat. One day Julian brings an oil suitcase from the parent’s attic. Something inside arouses a deep longing in Lili, which Julian can not understand.
At the end Lilis longing is stronger than er love

Director: Eva Marel Jura; Screenplay: Eva Marel Jura; Music by: Hans Franek; Photo: Yann Blumers; Editor: Christoph Hutterer, Markus Herm; Cast: Julia Dietze, Clemens Lohr, Cheyenne Pahde, Valentina Pahde, Niels Clausnitzer, Jorg Hartmann; Producer: Justyna Kahl; Length: 15’; Biofilmography: Lili (2003): International Hofer Filmdays 2003, International Solothurner Filmfestival 2004; Cut away (2000): Gold for the Best German Film 2001

Christoph Busche (Germany)

A “Mann” wanders the anonimous underground world alone...

Director: Christoph Busche; Screenplay: Christoph Busche; Music by: Steffen Valtschmid; Photo: Daniel P. Loher, Oliver Froedschke; Editor: Andreas Hennicke; Cast: Christoph Baumann, Tina Halverscheid; Producer: Daniel M. J. Krause; Length: 30’; Biofilmography: Christoph Busche studies Philosopy at the L – M University Munich and is working on his first feauture film “Adam meets Eve” at this time

Susanna Hubscher (Switzerland)

The author sensds her, alterego “Susi” on a search to find the prince of here dreams – and she tries out (nearly) everything to succede in her search...

Director: Susanna Hubscher; Screenplay: Susanna Hubscher; Music by: Ramon Orza; Photo: Michael Saxer; Editor: Ram Say; Cast: Eleonora Rajneri & Serge Karageorgevitch, Pavel Travnicek, Mirelle & Lee “Scratch” Perry, Elisabeth & Gaudenz Hubscher, Pascale Kohl & Adriano Chieffo, Mario Almer; Producer: Hochschule fur Gestaltung und Kunst Zurich; Length: 26’; Biofilmography: Das ende der Schweiz (1998), In Schallplattenhand (1999), Unser Mann im Treppenhaus (2000), The men is viele Geheimnis (2000), Ueli im Einsatz (2001)

Martin Rosete (Spain)

Tired of the monotonous life he is supposed to live, and carried along by an unbearable distress, the romantic protagonist decides to break with the estabilished social order and starts a Revolution

Director: Martin Rosete; Screenplay: Martin Rosete; Photo: F. Dupla; Editor: Fernando Franco; Cast: Miguel Rellan; Producer: Koldo Zuazua; Length: 7’; Biofilmography: Martin Rosete was born in Madrid in 1980. Now, he is studing Audiovisual Comunication in Complutense University of Madrid. Revolucion is his first work. It has been awarded more that 40 festivals, included Audience Award, Valladoid International Film Week 2002.

Jeroen Annokkeè (The Netherlands)

A duck is only dead once it doesn’t move anymore

Director: Jeroen Annokkeè; Screenplay: Jeroen Annokkeè, Gean Ockels; Photo: Eric Bernhard; Editor: Marc Bechtold; Cast: Susan Visser, Edgar Danz; Producer: Motel Films; Length: 30’.

Juan Solanas (France)

An ordinary room overlooking a vast industrial landscape. In the distance, the ocean as far as the eye can see. With a nostalgic air, the man without a head dances with lively steps...

Director: Juan Solanas; Screenplay: Juan Solanas; Music by: Francois Groult; Photo: Juan Solanas; Editor: Olivier Maufrdy; Cast: Alain Hocine; Producer: Aton Soumache Onyx Films; Length: 18’; Biofilmography: The man without a head (L’homme sans Tête): Prix du Jury au Festival de Cannes 2003, César du meilleur court mètrage 2004, Prix de la crèation sonore (Clermont – Ferrand 2004), Grand Prix (Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Taiwan – 2003)

Toni Bestard (Spain)

Street savvy buddies Santi and Luismi stumble upon a body in their local dump. Betraying their tender age, the pair impart their insightful and humourously touching theories as to the man’s ultimate destination...

Director: Toni Bestard; Screenplay: Arturo Ruiz; Music by: Alejandro Roman; Photo: Jorge Simonet; Editor: Pablo Blanco Guzman; Cast: Junio Valverde, Luis Castro, Fernando Seco; Producer: Arturo Ruiz; Length: 9’

Catherine Maximoff (France)

Five choreographers, five worlds, singular body languages.
A choreographical breakaway from the stage. A cinematic tale where each of the characters creates strange echoes with its envinronment

Director: Catherine Maximoff; Screenplay: Susanna; Photo: Samuel Dravet; Editor: Tatjana Jankovic; Cast: Sahar Azimi, Yossi Berg, Moshe Cohen, Yaniv Cohen, Emanuel gat, Yaniv Mitzahi, Niv Shenfeld, Yoni Suthi, Kitt Johnson, Emanuel Gat, Gabriela Carrizo, Nathalie Pernette, Sebastien Laurent; Length: 26’; Biofilmography: Daite, short film

Don Schubert (Germany)

“V” – is a poetic tale of love and its alluring paths in modern times

Director: Don Schubert; Screenplay: Don Schubert; Music by: Carsten Rocker; Photo: Ka – Pe Schmidt; Editor: Nicole Hussy; Cast: Dirk Heinrichs, Jasmin Ait – Jiddar, Edda Fischer, Max Benz, Jurgen Bangert; Producer: Kim Fatheuer; Length: 17’37’’; Biofilmography: “V”, Short movie. Nominated for “Prix Europa 2003”, Invitation to munerous festivals (Jewish Film Festivals in Great Britain, Film Festival Bilbao, Spain, Film Festival in Solothurn, Switzerland) Classification by German Film Board (FBW): „Besonders Wertvoll”

Ralph Etter (Switzerland)

Two children drown in a lake. The parents standing at the shore and don’t save threti

Director: Ralph Etter; Screenplay: Ralph Etter; Music by: Natural Snow Building; Photo: Sidon Jaquehet; Editor: Ralph Etter; Cast: Stefan Gubser, Ursula Andermatt, Franziska Alexandra, Kien Berger; Producer: Hochschule Zurich; Length: 10’; Biofilmography: having fun (2000), Wintersport/cross country (2000), Zyt wo geit (2001), Blindness (2002), Bleibt alies anders (2003), Wasserfarbe (2003), Die Sieben Raben (2003)

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